Welcome to the wonderful world of my blog articles. Each article is designed to inspire and encourage adventure travel, making you step out of your comfort zone.

Having visited some crazy countries I always advise about the pro’s and con’s of visiting unique places. Travelling is all about having fun, therefore I’ll always try and feature the best reasons to visit and not just the typical tourist sites.

What are you waiting for, go explore!


Algeria – How to get a visa and Solo Adventure – Travelling to Algeria

Top 5 things to see on Sal Island, Cape Verde and Hiking volcanoes on Fogo Island in Cape Verde

Zakouma National Park, Africa’s Northernmost Safari

egyptEgypt on a shoestring budget

eritreaAfrica’s Hidden Gem? moroccoStep back in time in Northern Morocco

sudan   Travel to Sudan – Guide to the Pyramids, Visa Rules and Khartoum

Visit one of the most unique places in the world – Socotra Island


Baku – An Exciting, Exotic and Mysterious Caucasus Capital 

iran The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Iran

A visit to the Fukushima Exclusion Zone , Japan’s Tropical Islands – Zamami and Japan’s Abandoned Mine – Gunkanjima Island

kazakhstanWhat to see in Almaty and Explore Astana; Kazakhstan’s capital and city of the futurerussia     Gay Moscow; From Russia with love, or is it?

srilanka     Sri Lanka – The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

turkey     9 Reasons to visit Diyarbakir

turkmen Turkmenistan – A magic carpet ride in Central Asia and Discover Turkmenistan in photos


Albania – The forgotten Europe? and The Road to Theth

My Five-Day Visa-Free Trip to Belarus

bosnia    Want to see the REAL Europe? Visit Bosnia & Herzegovina

Travel to the Faroe Islands

germany    Top tips for free things to do in Berlin

iceland    Why is Iceland my favourite country in the world?

latvia    Discover Baltic beauty in Latvia

A Day Trip From Vilnius to Kryžių Kalnas (Hill of Crosses)

fyrm       Why should your next holiday be to Macedonia?

moldova     Is Moldova the most unknown country? and Places that don’t exist: Transnistria

norway     Norwegian Rail Travel in Winter and Live like a polar bear in the Norwegian Arctic

portugal New Year in Lisbon

romania     Want an affordable long weekend in Europe? Visit Romania…

serbia     Is Serbia the next big destination?

slov     Ljubljana – The hidden gem of Europe?

ukraine  Is Ukraine safe to visit as a tourist? and Lviv: Europe’s cheapest city break? and What happens in Chernobyl, stays in Chernobyl (you hope)

uk Mountain walking in the Lake District and What’s occurring in Cardiff? and London – is it all just pie and mash? and My 48 hour staycation in Liverpool


iraq     My Iraqi Kurdistan Diaries and Kurdistan in photos

israel     Shalom Israel! Unique, Controversial and Beautiful

lebanon Think you know Lebanon? Think again…

syria     Syria: What did it look like before the war? and Pre-War Syria in photos

qatar 36 hours in Qatar


cuba     Cuba: Viva la Renovation and 11 Things you most likely didn’t know about Cuba

greenland A day trip to… Greenland?!


australia   Australia’s Most Haunted Places fiji     My worst trip ever was to Fiji

samoa    Samoan paradise in the South Pacific

tonga Kingdom of Tonga


bolivia     Beautiful Bolivia – Land of the Alpaca

peru The Andean Explorer – How much fun can a long train journey be?

Places that don’t exist 


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