Japan’s Abandoned Mine – Gunkanjima Island

Gunkanjima, Hashima, Battleship. Whatever you call the island, it is a truly remarkable place. Completely separate from the rest of Japan, this tiny spec of land would become famous for all the wrong reasons. Ever since the 007 franchise was inspired to use Hashima as a set for Skyfall, I've wanted to visit and see … Continue reading Japan’s Abandoned Mine – Gunkanjima Island

Japan’s Tropical Islands – Visit Paradise in Zamami

Most of us will have preconceptions of various travel destinations, with Japan you often associate cherry blossom trees, sushi and geishas as things you will see or do, but would you count tropical islands? It is, until recently, a hidden part that many people outside of Asia have yet to discover. Having travelled in Japan … Continue reading Japan’s Tropical Islands – Visit Paradise in Zamami

Binter Cabo Verde – Airline Review

When flying in Cape Verde, you unfortunately only have one choice - Binter Cabo Verde! As I was short on time and because I wanted to see several islands, this seemed like a fairly cheap and perfect option to get around these beautiful islands. Sadly not! After spending two nights on the main island Sal … Continue reading Binter Cabo Verde – Airline Review

Hiking Volcanoes on Fogo Island in Cape Verde

Fogo Island, the land of fire, erupted back into life in 2014 when Pico de Fogo recorded one of the strongest eruptions ever recorded on the island. However, it's highly likely you've never even heard of it due to Cape Verde's isolation, I mean no-one cares because it isn't affecting our air travel, right? We're … Continue reading Hiking Volcanoes on Fogo Island in Cape Verde

Top 5 things to see on Sal Island, Cape Verde

Sal; officially the "No Stress" island! The tourism industry in Cape Verde has come a long way in the last five years with brand new, exclusive resorts popping up all along the coastline. As the most popular destination for international tourists, it was my first calling point on my Cabo Verde adventure. I'm quite obsessed … Continue reading Top 5 things to see on Sal Island, Cape Verde