Travel Geek Blog Is Now Closed

After 5 incredible years, it is time to hang up my blogging hat and sadly say that my blog has come to an end. It’s a really tough decision to make, I will still be going on many more adventures to come, but sadly I just won’t be writing about them.

Due to time constraints with home and work life, it has become almost impossible to find any time to dedicate to Travel Geek. I appreciate all of the support and love I’ve received throughout the time I’ve been doing this, I plan to leave my site on until early 2019 but then it’s likely it will disappear soon afterwards. 

The blogging world has changed significantly, when I first started it was all about the adventure and the excitement of heading somewhere unique, now it’s about how many Instagram followers you can get and how naked you can appear in each of your selfies. It’s a very egotistical and self-centred blogging scene right now, sadly one I don’t want to be part of.

Once again thanks for joining me in my adventures, I hope you all continue to keep exploring parts of the world you were told not to and keep exploring.

Lots of Love – Matt (Travel Geek)


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