Discover The Mediterranean In Style This Year

With many exotic destinations now off the holiday-table due to several world incidents, it’s time we re-acquaint ourselves with more typical traditional places like Portugal, Spain and Italy.

If you’re an off-the-beaten track person like me, I’m often put off by the typical tourist trail, however you’d be amazed at some of the hidden gems that still exist.

Lovely Lisbon
Lovely Lisbon

One of my favourite European cities is Lisbon, thankfully it’ isn’t overrun with tourists and is also surprisingly affordable. As the capital of Portugal it’s famous for its trams, year-round beach weather and friendly locals. When I visited, something that made my trip even more special was the fact I visited over New Year, click here to find out what I got up to.

Absorb fascinating culture in Lisbon

Morocco is often seen as a “safe-destination” in North Arica and it is now attracting record numbers of tourists.

Good Evening Tangier!
Good Evening Tangier!

Tangier is officially Africa’s third biggest city, however for many years it was usually ignored by tourists but thankfully not any more. It’s a destination that’s fast becoming a must-see. Often overlooked for the more famous southern region of Morocco, the northern part of the country is a fascinating and charming region that is slowly starting to build a reputation for itself as the must see place on the Mediterranean.

Often used as a backdrop in spy movies, this city was used as a safe house for European and American spies and its reputation is legendary. This city suffered from a lack of investment by the Moroccan Government, however thankfully they’ve now seen its potential and are investing heavily in a brand new business district, port and airport terminal to try attract wealthy tourists.

Hercules Grotto - don't you think it looks like a map of Africa from the right angle?
Hercules Grotto – don’t you think it looks like a map of Africa from the right angle?

Tangier is being re-branded as the Moroccan Riviera, the first high-speed train line in Africa is being built and should be completed this year.

Having visited Northern Morocco for one week in early 2016, I can easily say it’s one of my favourite places I’ve been to. Check out all my adventures here.

Cap Spartel - where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean meet
Cap Spartel – where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean meet

You don’t often associate Morocco with cruises but there are some fantastic cruises available on the market that will have you stopping there, I’ve had a difficult job choosing just one! It makes me want to grab my passport and run to the nearest port!

The only question is: where will you be visiting this year?

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