Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Geeks

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It’s true; globetrotters are a picky bunch! For those with an ever-lasting feeling of wanderlust it can be difficult to know what to buy them for Christmas. Here are my suggestions for gift ideas this festive season…

Gift Vouchers for adventure travel companies 

You don’t always have to do solo travel to be an adventurer, some of my best travel memories occurred when I was travelling as part of a group. Many companies thankfully now offer gift vouchers, so if you’re really stuck these will be your “safe” gift idea that will always be well-received.

Travel socks

Okay so this one is more of a stocking filler, but if you don’t wish to end up with Varicose veins they are a necessity if the person is travelling long-haul. They don’t have to be hideous either, there’s thankfully some really stylish ones these days.

Passport holder

I always remember my first passport, it was used so much that the gold emblem front cover rubbed off and you couldn’t tell where I was from!

From the absolute extravagant expensive leather holders to those laughable ones, a few years ago my sister bought me one which says “Not that I ever go anywhere”…it’s so true!

World Map (just to tease them)

If the person loves maps then they’ll absolutely adore a scratch map, this way they can easily figure out where they have yet to visit! The only problem with it being on their wall is they’ll have to stare at it and get wanderlust everyday.


An essential travel item! Whether it’s a small shoulder bag or a top-loader, this piece of kit will keep your items safe whilst travelling to some of the most remote corners of the globe. One of my first adventures abroad was to Syria (pre-war), I had a proper suitcase but sadly the airline had broken it, sadly for me eventually the wheels fell off. My advice – buy a backpack where you won’t have this issue.

Travel wash bag 

You either love or hate the 100ml rule. A good friend will know that you travel with carry on baggage, therefore choosing a beautiful selection of nice shower gels, shampoo, moisturisers and other cosmetics that are small but the right size will make the perfect gift.

In-Flight Comfort kit

What does this include? An essential set will include a travel pillow, ear plugs and eye mask. For me personally, I never travel long-haul without all of these items because I just won’t sleep otherwise.

If none of these float-your-boat and all else fails a traveller will always appreciate money to put towards a trip!

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