Lviv: Europe’s cheapest city break?

Flag of Ukraine

Whether you pronounce it Lviv, Lvov or Львів, this fascinating city is currently a relatively hidden-gem visited by very few International tourists.

Situated in Western Ukraine (yes, the safe part!) right next to the Polish border, you’d presume it would be overrun with tourists. Sadly though the war in the Eastern region and the annexation of Crimea appears to have deterred tourists from visiting Ukraine completely.

Thankfully for the pioneers and those in-the-know Lviv is very safe and easy to visit.

Lviv's beautiful Opera House
Lviv’s beautiful Opera House

Cheapest place in Europe?

Pre-war Ukraine was already very affordable, many things were much cheaper than Western Europe but due to the ongoing conflict Ukraine’s currency has collapsed and lost half of its value making it one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.

Lviv is no exception, you can stay in a 4 or 5* hotel with incredible service from £30 per night, try finding prices like that in London, Paris or Rome and I guarantee all you’ll find is a hostel.

One of the reasons I visited Lviv was that you can easily visit on a long weekend city break, It could be romantic, touristy or just a drunken weekend.

Examples of prices;

  • Hotel – Anything decent from £25 upwards per night
  • Dinner – Our dinner in one of the nicest restaurants in Lviv cost £20 each for a 3-course meal with wine
  • Transport – Trains and trams are incredibly cheap with tickets ranging from as little as £0.10
Head up to the High Castle for the best views overlooking the city.
Head up to the High Castle for the best views overlooking the city.

Incredible Food and Drink

When you think of Ukraine you don’t automatically think of quality food or wine, this is mostly due to snobbery I suppose but I can tell you there are some amazing gems in Lviv waiting to be found.

Just walking around the Old City I came across Lviv Chocolate Shop, It was really surprising as it looked like something you find it the heart of Belgium or Switzerland. I highly recommend buying some of their handmade treats and bringing them back as gifts, trust me they’ll be unique.

With the loss of Crimea the Ukrainian wine industry is facing a very uncertain future, there’s only a small number of producers near Kiev and also in the Western region near the disputed Transnistria region of Moldova. Sadly the country is restricted on the number of wine exports due to not being part of the European Union, hopefully this will be lifted within the near future.

During my visit in 2014 I was able to find wine in a supermarket for as little as £1 per bottle! Don’t worry it doesn’t taste like vinegar, I highly recommend you bring a few bottles back to spread the word that Ukrainian wine is actually really nice.


From personal experience it’s often a great experience to simply just arrive, put down your bags and go explore. Other than knowing roughly where I was walking it was a great feeling to feel like I’d stepped back in time in Lviv’s Old Town.

Some of the places I recommend visiting include the High Castle, which has one of the best views of Lviv. Also you could check out the Opera House or even visit a Russian Bania (sauna) to experience a very interesting side to Ukraine.

There’s many other places to seek out in the surrounding area, although sadly I didn’t chance to check them out on this trip.

The beautiful Old Town in Lviv
The beautiful Old Town in Lviv
Wander aimlessly in Lviv, you never know what exciting things are around the corner.
Wander aimlessly in Lviv, you never know what exciting things are around the corner.
Pop up markets appeared everyone, this one sold books of all kinds!
Pop up markets appeared everyone, this one sold books of all kinds!
Easter is a lovely time to visit, you'll see eggs like these all over the city.
Easter is a lovely time to visit, you’ll see eggs like these all over the city.
Taras Shevchenko
Taras Shevchenko
Beautiful Lviv Opera House
Beautiful Lviv Opera House

Visit Lviv

Although there’s no direct flight from the UK to Lviv you can easily access the city in a number of ways;

  • Fly to Kiev and then change for an internal flight to Lviv from £200 return
  • Fly to Krakow and take a direct train (One per day) or an indirect bus to Lviv
  • Fly to Budapest and take the direct overnight train to Lviv

Upon arrival in the city if you plan to take the tram don’t do what I did and just jump on the tram expecting to pay the driver. Sadly I was kicked off by three big burly men because I didn’t have a ticket. None of the men spoke English so they proceeded to fine me the grand total of 40 Hryvnia (approximately £2), so thankfully it wasn’t the end of the world.

What are you waiting for? Forget Prague, Budapest and Krakow! This place is teeming with ancient history and isn’t overrun by tourists yet…perfect for discovering.

You can easily take the train to Poland, Hungary and also deeper in to the heart of Ukraine.
You can easily take the train to Poland, Hungary and also deeper in to the heart of Ukraine.

Visit Ukraine

If you have more time and plan to make a proper holiday from your trip to Lviv you can quickly get around Ukraine by train, bus or plane. I think many people forget how big the country is, what is happening on one side of the country really isn’t affecting the other.

Discover what else I got up to in Ukraine when I visited, click here to read more.

Visit Lviv for yourself

I highly recommend a visit, to book your stay go to and search for Lviv.

Click here using this link!

Further Information

If you’d like to discover more photographs and information from this trip or any others please feel free to ask me any questions. You can visit my Facebook page and please don’t forget to ‘Like’ Travel Geek UK.

2 thoughts on “Lviv: Europe’s cheapest city break?

  1. Lovely post! I’ve been to L’viv twice and I’m still wondering how there’s not more tourism. It’s extremely beautiful and its people equally friendly. I keep recommending this place to my friends but, it seems war holds them back too… But definitely one of the best cities in Eastern Europe.

    About the “Soviet times?” picture, that’s Taras Shevchenko, one of the greatest Ukrainian poets (if not the greatest).

    1. Many thanks for the comments and I’m glad you have the same opinion 🙂

      I’ll be sure to change the note on the photo. I can’t wait to go back and visit the city.

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