30 years young and already a lifetime of experiences

Happy Birthday

So I officially entered a new age bracket today, I turned 30.

Happy Birthday to me!

For some people that might mean many things stop, for example some of my friends are now married or have children. Thankfully for me I’m footloose and fancy free so for me turning 30 actually encourages me to plan what I’d like to achieve in the next phase of my life (without sounding majorly old).

Before I can do that however, I need to look back at my previous achievements.

Although my travels didn’t really start until I turned 20, I’ve managed to visit over 50 countries within the short space of 10 years. It’s not been easy, that’s for sure. I’m not from a rich background and have had to make do with what I’ve got, but thankfully I’m savvy with money and know a bargain when I see one.

After working regularly throughout my travels (except my adventure to Australia for 7 months) it’s often very difficult not to get wanderlust. I think I’m born to go and explore the world, not sit in an airless stuffy office with bored people working for others. Time to achieve my goals.

30 years, 30 amazing lifetime experiences

So far in my life I’m incredibly lucky to say I’ve done or achieved the following 30 things;

  1. Travelled to more than 50 countries before my 30th birthday
  2. When I was 16 I met and worked with Destiny’s Child via my official fan website
  3. Bungie jumped off the Auckland Harbour bridge
  4. Climbed Machu Picchu even though I was ill and also had a panic attack
  5. Saw the sunrise over Palmyra, Syria whilst riding a camel
  6. Seen the incredible natural beauty of the Northern Lights in Norway
  7. Backpacked around the world for six months
  8. Survived living in the London rat-race for more than five years
  9. Mushed huskies on the far-flung island of Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic
  10. Survived active war zones in Iraq and Ukraine
  11. Riden a camel in Syria and Egypt
  12. Been on an elephant in Sri Lanka and Thailand
  13. Lived and travelled around Australia for six months
  14. Swam in the Nile…and survived!!
  15. Camped in a swag in the outback in Kakadu & Uluru, Australia
  16. Survived a cyclone in Sri Lanka (even though I thought it was just a bit windy)
  17. Tried bear, kangaroo, buffalo and reindeer meat in various parts of the world
  18. Explored Chernobyl and Pripyat in Ukraine
  19. Slept under canvas in the desert in the Wadi Rum, Jordan
  20. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  21. Scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef
  22. Flown the shortest passenger flight in the world
  23. Island hopped in the South Pacific to Samoa, Tonga and Fiji
  24. Swam with Crocodiles – YES really!!
  25. Not getting arrested in Turkey or any other country (only just)
  26. Floated in the Dead Sea on both sides in Israel and Jordan
  27. Visited several “Wonders of the world” including the Great Pyramids and Petra
  28. Being robbed in Fiji but only losing £3
  29. Being invited to the North Korean UK embassy, an interesting experience to say the least!
  30. Visited six of the seven continents

Here’s to the next milestone!

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!

Discover more and wish me a Happy Birthday…

If you’d like to discover more of my adventures or ask me any questions feel free, you can visit my Facebook page but please don’t forget to ‘Like’ Travel Geek UK. Many thanks, Matt.

2 thoughts on “30 years young and already a lifetime of experiences

  1. Happy Birthday! I turn 30 in 6 months and am determined to have visited 50 countries before then. I’m on 47 right now so hOpefully it is achievable! 😀 Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  2. Hey, wishing you a Happy Birthday. And welcome to 30s! Looks like you have done so many things that so many of us envy of. I mean not many can say they have traveled to 50 countries! Have a wonderful birthday!

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