Kurdistan, Iraq in photos

Flag of Iraq

With so many incredible memories from my trip, as you can imagine I have hundreds of photos. However, I have selected some which are my favourites and also ones which I think you’ll never imagine are in Iraq or Kurdistan. Read my Iraqi Kurdistan diaries, a day by day guide to my travels in this exciting region.

All photos are copyrighted, please request permission to use.

Two local men in Koya market enjoying their chai
Kobane refugees gratefully accepting some colouring books
Mount Sinjar refugees at Zakho Bridge
Incredibly friendly local kids I met at Erbil park
Working hard collecting the pomegranate seeds
Where am I? The US? Dubai? UK? No I’m in “Family Mall” Erbil, Iraq
The only Irish bar in town … such an unexpected experience!
Local traders sell their items in Erbil
Jalil Khayat Mosque in Erbil
Inside Jalil Khayat Mosque in Erbil
Korek Teleferic cable car with stunning Kurdistan scenery in the background
An amusement park in Iraq? A very unexpected site at Pank Resort
If you forget your car, you can always bring your helicopter
Beautiful gorge I spotted whilst driving along the Hamilton Road, famous in Iraq
Gali Ali Bag waterfall features on the 5,000 Iraqi Dinar note
The Kurdish people are some of the most friendly I’ve ever met whilst travelling
Koya market was amazing, locals would shake your hand and ask where you are from, welcoming you with open arms
Most locals, especially the younger residents were more than happy to stand for photographs
Local produce was being sold everywhere, no carbon footprint here!
All food was freshly produced which was nice to see, it was also rather tasty
In this part of the world, sunrises and sunsets are incredibly beautiful
The Hall of Mirrors in Amna Surake (Red Prison), Sulaymaniyah represents the Kurds who died during Saddam Hussein’s war against them
Some of the original artillery still sits around the grounds of the Amna Suraka (Red Prison) museum in Sulaymaniyah
Halabja museum documents what happened to those living in the town where a chemical weapon was used by Saddam Hussein against them
Halabja museum documents what happened to those living in the town where a chemical weapon was used by Saddam Hussein against them
Doha Lake enables locals to fish and take tourists for rides…when they return!
Under the incredible arch of Zakho Bridge
Goodbye Kurdistan, an amazing trip with many happy memories
Not everyone is trying to escape Iraq, these oil tankers were lining up for miles trying to enter the Turkey/Iraq border crossing

Further Information

If you’d like to discover more photographs and information from this trip or any others please feel free to ask me any questions. You can visit my Facebook page and please don’t forget to ‘Like’ Travel Geek UK.

2 thoughts on “Kurdistan, Iraq in photos

  1. Hi,

    I am glad you had good time in Kurdistan, I hope you enjoyed the food and the experience with local people, thanks for the good photos.

    Kind regards
    Sarwat from Mr toppers

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