Scotland decides…Is Carlisle about to become the new Calais?

Flag of United Kingdom

Independent or United?

Carlisle Cathedral
Carlisle Cathedral

For over 300 years England and Scotland have been together in one of the most successful unions in history. In 1707 the two countries became one when they mutually agreed to create Great Britain.

I am not going to air my personal views as I don’t believe this is right, however as I was born only 10 miles from the Scottish border I believe it’s an important topic to discuss.

The history of Carlisle, where I was born, includes many incidents of England and Scotland at war with each other throughout the Middle Ages. A lot of evidence from this period still exists to this day, including Hadrian’s Wall and Carlisle Castle.

So what happens if Scotland becomes an independent country?

As the United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen visa scheme it’s more than likely a border would need to be put in place, basically turning Carlisle into Calais.

An increase in the number of Scottish residents opening bank accounts in England has been registered in Carlisle, this could indicate many people are concerned about the question of currency after independence and may feel their money would be more secure in England. (Source: News and Star)

So what will be the outcome? We will have to wait until Thursday 19th September for Scotland to decide and for the results to be announced.


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