London. Is it all just pie and mash?

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In such a multi cultured city like London it’s no surprise that some specific local delicacies often get forgotten about. Over time tastes change and develop with newer and often more exciting offers. In such a culinary capital, is English food able to stand up to its competitors?

Manzes, Tower Bridge Road, London

This weekend I visited the oldest surviving pie and mash shop Manze’s on Tower Bridge Road near London Bridge. It has survived many things throughout the years, even during the war Jellied Eels, Londonthe shop front was blown up but somehow they still managed to serve food.

After living in London for a number of years I’d wanted to try proper traditional cockney food including jellied eels and pie and mash, this was the place to go.

When I arrived there was a queue out the door. For me this is a really positive sign that locals and tourists alike are still interested in local dishes from years gone by. Jellied eels became a popular meal in the 18th century due to the cost, it was affordable and tasty. Typically the eels would have been fished from the Thames but these days there are very few left.Pie n Mash, London

I personally wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the jellied eels, however they were actually really nice. If travelling teaches me a lesson, it’s don’t think of the consequences, just DO IT!!

Pie and mash isn’t particularly healthy, nor is it particularly glamorous food. When in London though, do as the past generations did and have some good ol’ cockney grub!

I hope traditional food still has it’s place in London, even if you don’t visit Manze’s there are few other businesses you may to try around the East End.

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