5 of the best things about travelling

So, you’ve chosen your destination, you’ve booked your tickets…now it’s time for the adventure! Everyone travels for different reasons, so here are my top 5 best things about travelling.

1.Finding yourself

Bungee Jumping in New ZealandWhether your just going on holiday or starting a major adventure to “find yourself”, travelling forces you to step out of your comfort zone. You may challenge yourself to things you’d find too scary to do at home as you’re in your own safety zone. I remember visiting New Zealand and doing a bungee jump, I still don’t know why, I hate heights!?!

However, I pushed myself to new limits and I enjoyed it, to the point where I wanted to do it all over again.

Anyone for a bungee?


2. Learning new cultures

Carving in Sri LankaBefore I started travelling, I’d lived in the same Northern city for 18 years. For a teenager there wasn’t a huge amount to do. When I got the opportunity to travel, one of the first places I got to was Asia. It’s safe to say it changed me forever.

Seeing people who have less than you, sometimes even nothing was seriously humbling. It makes you think and makes you start to question your own life. All of those years complaining about the little things now seem very stupid.

New cultures might seem like a scary thought, it is usually totally alien to everything you currently know, but that’s the best thing, you’ll learn more than you can imagine.

3. Meeting new people

Machu PicchuWhen people go on their two-week Spanish holiday they usually want to just escape people, relax and simply enjoy the pool or the beach. That’s a tourist, not a traveller (in my opinion). A traveller is somebody who gets a kick out of meeting new people, hearing their stories and keeping in touch.

I’ve been on several adventure tours, usually in groups of between 10-20 people. I’ll always remember my first trip, I was terrified as I didn’t know anybody. Thankfully there were a few people my age, however the thing that surprised me the most was how I interacted with people of all ages. I really connected a lady in her 70’s, her travel stories were incredible and really inspired me. So before you join a trip designed for same age groups, open your mind and consider a more unique trip.

On some of my trips with Explore to places like Egypt, Sri Lanka and also Peru, I met lifelong friends who I regularly keep in touch with thanks to the power of the Internet.

4. Becoming more independent

Australian HighwayWhen you’ve travelled as much as me, sometimes a group tour seems a little lame. However, this advice couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you go on an organised tour, there are always opportunities for you to cut loose and go off for a wander on your own.

These days for places like Europe I create my own itinerary as I find it really fun . When I visited Ukraine I had researched to the point of being obsessive. I had learned the city names in Cyrillic, Ukrainian and English, as I wasn’t sure if I’d have problems booking train tickets. I was correct and I had language problems, however as I knew the Cyrillic names I was on my way in no time!

My advice…research, research, research!

5. Having fun!

Strangling a money grabber in KievLast, but definitely not least, HAVE FUN!

Travelling is about the adventure, what new things can you find, where will you end up?

So many questions waiting to be answered, what you waiting for? Go enjoy yourself.

I have bungee jumped, ridden an elephant in Sri Lanka, ridden a camel in Syria & Egypt, swam with dolphins in Ukraine and even got in an aquarium with crocodiles in Australia.

That’s just me though, I always try to live life to the fullest!

I love hearing all your stories of what you’ve learned whilst travelling, post a comment to tell me your top 5 best things about travel.

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