My long weekend in beautiful Bath


The only way I can describe the town I visited in Somerset, England this weekend is beautiful Bath.

Leaving London on Thursday for a long weekend was simply bliss, the smog and daily grind certainly does get you down after a while. Although I’ve visited almost 50 countries I’ve never been to Bath, simply shocking I know!

Everyone is aware Bath is famous for it’s roman baths, amazing architecture and quaint cobbled side streets, being a typical adventure traveller I decided to go a little deeper. We chose a hotel in Queen Square, a very central and beautiful option for starting your Bath journey.

I was so excited to visit the Roman Baths, no sooner had we dropped our bags we were roaming around the ancient complex. Although very touristy you can only imagine what the local people must have felt whilst bathing in 2nd century.

No spa town would be complete without a spa you can actually bathe in, I sadly wish I hadn’t bothered! The Thermae Spa in Bath is seriously touristy, over-priced and not authentic in any which way. I spent £40 thinking I’d have a relaxed experience but you could barely get in to the rooftop pool due to the sheer number of people, I felt a little bit cheated sadly.

On my final day in the beautiful city of Bath it was a lovely 25 degrees, there was only one thing I could do … a canal walk. Starting next to Sydney Gardens I walked for over an hour all the way to the lovely village of Bathampton, thankfully my walk ended at The Bathampton Mill pub where I spent several hours relaxing over many glasses of Somerset Cider…perfect way to an awesome trip.

Further Information

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